About 13 11 Shop

Welcome to 13 11 Shop

Where community spirit meets creative expression! We're Samantha and Randy Wilcox, high school sweethearts rooted in the charm of Livingston County. Our journey began at Brighton High School, and Pinckney has been our cherished home for over a decade.

Living in the heart of Livingston County has profoundly shaped us. We are proud members of the Livingston County Wildlife and Conservation Club. We spend the summer months boating, navigating the serene waters of the Huron River chain of lakes, and cherishing moments with our family and friends, savoring the beauty of our surroundings. Both of us have had the privilege of working for companies in Washtenaw County, further deepening our connection to the local fabric.

The concept behind 13 11 Shop sprouted from a passion for our community. Samantha, the driving force behind the website, envisioned a platform beyond commerce—a space where the vibrant pulse of Livingston and Washtenaw County could be felt. Her love for keeping things local, supporting small businesses, and fostering community bonds fuels every aspect of our endeavor.

While Samantha takes the reins in the digital realm, Randy, not the techie person, contributes in every way he can. His hands-on support reflects our commitment to teamwork, echoing the collaborative spirit of our local communities.

At 13 11 Shop, we believe in giving back. We want our platform to grow alongside our communities, creating a space where local businesses thrive. Every purchase made on our site contributes to our mission of supporting and enriching the places we call home.

Family and friends are the pillars of our lives. Their support and love are woven into the fabric of 13 11 Shop. We're not just a business; we're a family-driven venture with a vision to strengthen the bonds that make Livingston and Washtenaw County extraordinary.

Join us on this journey, where every purchase becomes a gesture of support for our community. Thank you for being part of 13 11 Shop.